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A support group for people of all ages with physical deformities 

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I created this support group for those dealing with any physical defect. I want others to feel like they are part of a greater community where their voices are heard. Although each deformity is unique, we can all come together to form a safe, understanding space where we can share our stories.


The Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Instagram is a safe place for anyone. We share our surgical scares, interesting journeys, helpful tips, while asking meaningful questions and making new friends!

2021 Instagram Update: Our page is currently under construction for an exciting new update!!!

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Home: About


Throughout my life, I was always involved in many sports. Whether it was perfecting my tennis serve, swimming the 50m butterfly, or competing in 100m sprints, I was always ready for an athletic challenge. When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with tendinitis of the hip. It quickly grew tough to compete in one of my many sports and at times, to walk. After two years with that diagnosis, I knew there was something off. Before I knew it, I was getting ready for my first hip surgery. In March of 2019, I got an anterior labrium repair on my right hip through an arthoscopic procedure. I felt great and quickly bounced back during my summer of physical therapy. Once the winter rolled around, I finally went back to a competitive swim team. After three weeks of daily practice, I started to feel some tension near my hip area. Day by day, it got harder to walk around my school's campus and swim in the pool. My pain spread to my left hip, through my back, and down my legs. In January of 2020, I was formally diagnosed with congenital hip dysplsia. It was because I was breech and born prematurely. On May 29, 2020, I got a Periacetabular Osteotomy of my right hip to correct my hip dysplasia. My hip was surgically broken to turn the bone, and put back in place with four large screws. Shortly after, on October 20 of the same year, I had those screws removed. They surfaced to my skin pretty quickly, but recovery was smooth regardless. To start off the new year, I had my second PAO surgery on January 6, 2021! This time, it was to fix my left hip. I am now left with two matching (and very cool looking) scars! My fifth (and final!!) surgery was on May 18, 2021 to remove the left set of screws. As of September 2021, I actually received those very screws in the mail, and now wear on a necklace and one as a ring!

Home: About
Home: About


My name is Colette Cipriano! I am a 16-year-old from New Jersey, USA. I was born with congenital hip dysplasia and so was my dog, Sonny! I absolutely love to bake... follow that journey on Instagram, @whatscolettecooking. As of 2021, I've had 5 hip related surgeries.



Reach out to me, Colette Cipriano, with any question or concerns.

My email and Instagram are linked below!

(those are real X-rays of my hips above!!)

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